Meet the Innkeepers

Tim and Shanna have been exploring the Shawnee National Forest for years. Each visit had us swooning over the landscape and the area’s beauty. Tim’s job brings him to southern Illinois, and what a perfect time to start looking for a dream property. After finding what will soon become the Stone Face Manor and falling in love, Shanna now has the opportunity to create a new adventure and a new career. The home had previously been a Bed & Breakfast, and Shanna was determined to breathe new life and a modern twist into a classic property. Inside you’ll find our eclectic library. Complete with rocks, crystals, arrowheads, and an assortment of other curiosities, we’ve collected as we’ve explored the area throughout the years with our three children and our perfect grandbabies.

Person Enjoying The View
Natural Rock Formation

Our hope for the property and the atmosphere is for it to share our relaxed and casual personalities with new and frequent guests every week. We want to share the area, the relaxation it can bring, and the joy of new and old friends coming together for a new adventure. The name Stone Face Manor references one of the local hiking trails that lead to the most incredible scenic view of the area and is complete with a rock formation that even resembles a face!