The Rooms

We know you’ll find a way to let the hustle and bustle of your week slip from your mind while you relax in “Hawks Nest”.

A short flight of stairs to your door opens up to a stunning natural view of the forest right out your window, a luxurious queen-sized bed, and a private tub and shower.

Bedroom With Blue Bed
Room With Queen Size Bed

“Fox Den” is at the top of the stairs at Stone Face Manor,

has a private bathtub and shower and a lovely queen-sized bed for you to melt into while you’re relaxing from all of life’s craziness.

Climb the stairs, and you’ll immediately see the door to “Sunshine Daydream”

inviting you to rest. A private bathtub and shower, a fabulous queen-sized, the quiet chirping of birds outside your window.

Queen Size Bedroom

“Arrowhead” challenges you to find a better place to relax after a crazy long week.

A few steps are all that stand between you and your room. A private bathtub, shower, and queen bed will be all you need to melt into the sheets before you kiss the week’s stress goodbye.

The perfect romantic spot for you and your partner is up the stairs and down the hall. “Cottage Grove”

Located just through the door at the end of the hallway on the second floor. Greeting you as you open the door is a whirlpool tub, a private bathroom with a shower, and the most lovely king-sized bed you’ll ever enjoy. You won’t find a more inviting romantic spot in the whole Manor.

Suite 1